Study Groups (勉強会)



Study group of category theory (圏論勉強会): 2004 - 2012

Category theory is a highly general and abstract mathematical theory, which has applications not only in mathematics but also in theoretical computer science, functional programming, physics, linguistics and many other fields. I was one of core members of the study group and we had studied following materials:

  • “Conceptual Mathematics: A First Introduction to Categories” by F. William Lawvere and Stephen Hoel Schanuel,
  • “Categories, Types, and Structures: An Introduction to Category Theory for the Working Computer Scientist” by Andrea Asperti and Giuseppe Longo,
  • “The Haskell Programmer's Guide to the IO Monad -- Don't Panic” by Stefan Klinger,
  • “Temperley-Lieb Algebra: From Knot Theory to Logic and Computation via Quantum Mechanics” by Samson Abramsky
  • “A survey of graphical languages for monoidal categories” by Peter Selinger
  • “Categorical Logic and Type Theory” by Bart Jacobs.

There is an Japanese article about this study group: “Technical Study Session Map in Japan - Join a Live Session of Engineers!”, 情報処理, Vol.52, No.4, Apr. 2011.

RHG reading group (RHG読書会): 2003 - 2009

This study group was a group of programming language geeks. It was started initially as a study group of reading “Rubyソースコード完全解説” (known as “Ruby Hacking Guide”), but eventually we have studied many programming and programming language related books/materials:

  • YARV (Ruby >=1.9 VM),
  • なでしこ (a Japanese programming language),
  • MinCaml,
  • “ふつうのLinuxプログラミング--Linuxの仕組みから学べるgccプログラミングの王道”,
  • “ふつうのHaskellプログラミング--ふつうのプログラマのための関数型言語入門”,
  • “入門JavaScript”,
  • “実践Common Lisp” (Japanese translation of “Practical Common Lisp”),
  • “ふつうのコンパイラをつくろう--言語処理系をつくりながら学ぶコンパイルと実行環境の仕組み”.
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