What makes a good engineering culture? http://www.theeffectiveengineer.com/blog/what-makes-a-good-engineering-culture よいまとめ。こういう文化を築くことを実践したいものだ。

あと、「3. Build the right software abstractions」で、(我々の翻訳した)“Software Abstractions” (邦訳: 『抽象によるソフトウェア設計』) から正しい抽象化の重要性が引用されていた。

“Pick the right ones, and programming will flow naturally from design; modules will have small and simple interfaces; and new functionality will more likely fit in without extensive reorganization. Pick the wrong ones, and programming will be a series of nasty surprises: interfaces will become baroque and clumsy as they are forced to accommodate unanticipated interactions, and even the simplest of changes will be hard to make.”


Software Abstractions: Logic, Language, and Analysis