Sudoku, Linear Optimization, and the Ten Cent Diet

Yesterday, we posted an image of a tasty looking dish, and asked you to guess what it had to do with Computer Science. The dish, Foie Linéaire à la Stigler, was made from a list of ingredients that are the solution to the “Stigler Diet”, a classic linear optimization problem (  

Today we’re proud to announce two new ways for everyone to solve linear optimization problems. First, you can now solve them in Google Sheets with the Linear Optimization add-on; Second, we’re open-sourcing the linear solver underlying the add-on, Glop (the Google Linear Optimization Package), as part of the or-tools suite.

At Google, our engineers work on plenty of optimization problems, such as the YouTube video stabilization system, and the lighthearted Google Sheets Sudoku add-on. Head over to the Google Research Blog, linked below, to learn more.